Hymn Idol


Mike, works in a call centre, but really he wants to be a rock star! He’s in love with a girl, Bernadette, who works opposite him. Peter, who is Mike’s manager at the call centre is also in love with Bernadette and is Mike’s love rival. Bernadette lives with her Mum, Rhona. Mike lives with his Mum, Margaret. Bernadette’s Mum is a bit stuck up and thinks Bernadette can do better than working in a call centre. Both Mother’s do a lot of volunteer work in their local church and both are big fans of a show called ‘Hymn Idol’, a cable channel/ online channel talent show but for priests and Nun’s. The current winner is Sister Mary O’Malley, who has won twice. The host of Hymn Idol, Seamus O’Flaherty, is a pin up for the women of the church and many other churches throughout the country. However Bernadette is also quite a fan of Hymn Idol as her mother is always watching it. Michael, with the help of his constantly unemployed friend, Todd, comes up with a fool proof plan to win Bernadette’s heart, but will it work out as they planned? Is Seamus really as good as he pretends? Who is Shady? and can Sister O’Malley make it a hat trick?

Find out in this Devilish New Musical Comedy with Music & Lyrics by Ian Hammond Brown (Whisky Galore a Musical!) and Book and Lyrics by Ken MacPhee (Stagecoach a Musical).

Coming Soon…

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