Book, Music & Lyrics by: Ian Hammond Brown Book & additional Lyrics by: Neil Blezzard


CAVALLO, was produced firstly as a concert version in 1994 at The Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh in 1994. Then as a fully staged production at The Stepping Stones Theatre, Edinburgh in July 1995.

“Offbeat Musical With a Gritty Background, the result is an absorbing and often gripping mix of realism and lyricism” Edinburgh Evening News


When Michael Kellie is found murdered his younger brother Callum’s suspicions are aroused by a last letter from his brother. In the letter Michael describes how he has become a drug courier working for a well connected and powerful drug dealer known only as ‘Tyrone’. Knowing he is risking his life he feels he cannot continue. Michael describes how he has decided to turn evidence against ‘Tyrone’ and stand as a witness. He also leaves Callum a large sum of money to do with as he pleases. Although in his last year at university Callum, convinced that ‘Tyrone’ is responsible for Michael’s death, sets out to discover the truth about his brother. In the course of the story Callum meets and falls in love with the beautiful Jessica Cavallo, also at university. She is strong willed but shy after being sheltered from life for many years by her overbearing father Peter Cavallo. They begin to date but inexplicably her father seems to dislike Callum intensely. Is there a connection between Peter Cavallo and ‘Tyrone’? Does Jessica really know her father? When a man’s conscience becomes his undoing…who knows what will happen.

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